Carrot Daucus carota


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Carrots are a wonderful vegetable to grow in the garden. What a joy when the leafy green tops are full grown flowing in the breeze. Then once pulled from the top of the stem a bright orange carrot appears. We’ve been able to grow carrots successfully in the PNW when our daughter was young so she could learn how carrots grow. Although traditionally when referring to the carrot we think about the orange colored carrot we can find in any produce department. It is good to note that  purple, black, red, white, and yellow colors of the carrot do exist.

Growing and Care

Carrots should be ready for harvest 70 to 80 days after planting them from seed. 

When ready to harvest the carrots, pull them from the soil when measuring the roots and they reach  1 to 1½ inches in diameter. Tip To avoid breaking the carrot while pulling, loosen the soil gently around the carrot with a spade or similar garden tool.

These steps for planting carrots can help lead to success. The first step is to prepare the site where you’d like to plant carrots by tilling to a depth of 10 inches. Make sure the soil is light and in a well draining spot.  Tip: When  growing carrots, rocky soil leads to poor quality roots and can cause the carrots to grow too slowly.

Sowing seeds directly in the garden soil is highly recommended for success. Measure by planting your seeds 1/4 inch deep, 2 to 3 inches apart in rows about 1 foot apart. Carrots do well when meeting the requirement  of  full sun to partial shade daily. Keep the soil moist with frequent shallow waterings. Carrots don’t like to be waterlogged.  However keep an eye on the soil to make sure it doesn’t dry out during hot spells or when very high temperatures happen during the summer months. It’s important to find the correct balance. Every garden is different, just be aware of the needs for the carrots planted.


Carrots are another rewarding vegetable a gardener can grow. It’s so amazing that the smallest of seeds produces such brightly colored roots with full  and flowing foliage. Even more important, growing carrots for a delicious snack  that is packed full of vitamins and minerals, even calcium! If you’re interested in juicing your vegetables and/ or fruits, carrots are one of the best vegetables to choose from. They’re packed full of vitamin A which is good for younger looking skin.  Being avid juicers ourselves, we believe adding carrot juice to our diet has given our skin a fountain of youth appearance. Tip: The secret of enjoying freshly juiced carrots is  to add an apple or two. Drink it as the first thing  in the morning and it will taste fresh and  sweet. Carrot apple juice  can be served over ice, which can make it more palatable for some.

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