English Cucumber Cucumis sativus

Rough Draft 4/1/2022


Although there are almost 100 varieties of cucumbers around the world, the English cucumber is one of the best for slicing. Many different cucumbers are mainly used for pickling; however , the english cucumber is one of the most mild tasting of cucumbers. We can use the english cucumbers as a side dish, on a sandwich or in a salad. Sometimes the best way to enjoy this cucumber is picked fresh out of the garden and prepared for a tasty serving.

Care and How to Grow

Growing English cucumbers is pretty straightforward. Like tomatoes, they’re a popular garden vegetable, since they’re easy to grow, and produce lots of fruits until the first hard frost.

Cucumbers can be planted as seeds or starts. Cucumbers are a warm weather crop. It is best to wait until May or June to plant cucumbers, depending on where you live. Make sure temperatures are warm and there is no chance of frost in the forecast. Cucumbers need a lot of space to sprawl out and grow. If your garden space is more on the smaller side or compact, setting up a trellis net is a good way to have your cucumbers grow vertically. Common with tomatoes, cucumbers need 2-3 inches of water twice a week. Unless the leaves are drooping, watering is good. To revive droopy leaves just water well and they will perk up; just fine. Keep an eye on how dry the dirt can become during the late hot summer months. During heat waves or hot temperatures your cucumbers may need to be watered more frequently.


It’s important to wash any cucumber before consuming. Most cucumbers lay on the ground when growing and most cucumbers are sprayed with wax when purchased at the supermarket or produce stands. A good rule of the thumb with all vegetables or fruits grown in a garden is to wash thoroughly before preparing. When harvesting a n English cucumber the length should be 8 -9 inches and 2 inches in diameter. The skins should also resemble a dark green. It’s always amazing to see this vegetable full grown in your garden and fun to pick. Keep your eyes peeled because sometimes you ‘;ll need to search under leaves and vines to find the growing cucumbers.

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