Yellow Pear Tomato – Lycopersicum

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If the taste of fresh picked tomatoes are not your favorite fruit try a yellow heirloom pear tomato. This yellow tomato is a pear shaped fruit that has a sweet and mild flavor (unlike most red tomatoes having a sharp or pungent flavor) Like most tomatoes these are great eating fresh off the vine or even sliced and served in a salad. Yellow pear tomatoes are on the small side like the size of a cherry tomato. Yellow pear tomatoes will grow to be 1 – 2 inches in length when ripe.

First Hand Experience

My husband and daughter have grown yellow pear tomatoes for the last two summers. We’ve learned that these are easy tomatoes to grow like most varieties. They were watered and staked the same way the other red tomatoes that were growing in the garden space were. Interestingly at a glance throughout the summer the yellow pear seems to have yielded more fruit. During  the whole hot summer months they continued to produce. It may take a lot of courage to taste a yellow pear tomato for the first time especially if you’re not a fan of red tomatoes. It will be pleasing to find that the yellow pear tomato’s skin is thin and tender with an experience of a sweet, juicy, and mild tomato flavor when biting into it. 

Growing Yellow Pear Tomatoes

  •  Start with rich well draining soil, throughout the growing season water every other day or daily. 
  • Sunshine  is a must and  Just like all tomato plants they love a full sun location
  • Remove, pinch and prune bottom leaves and suckers to keep tomato plants developing more flowers.
  • After the pear tomato forms it takes between 1 – 2 weeks for the tomato to be fully ripe. For eating ripe off the vine tomatoes, try tasting them between that time period above to find the sweetest taste from each tomato plant.


Every other day continue with a dose of water to keep the soil moist. Also on the hot days 90+ degrees you may want to water morning and late afternoon. One great tip to remember with these tomatoes is that they can thrive well into the fall, even in cold areas. Tip – placing mulch around the base of the tomato plants during the growing season can help retain water and keep the weeds down.

If you have ever grown tomatoes in your garden or you’re a newbie at gardening this heirloom tomato is  easy to grow. The main idea is to keep the soil moist around the base of each tomato plant and quite possibly you’ll have a bumper crop. Plus one of many health facts is that the Yellow Pear Tomato is high in antioxidants and low in calories. Enjoy the  mild taste of the yellow pear tomato and the healthy benefits of being high in niacin and folate.

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